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About Us

We the members of Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma International Collegiate Service Fraternity and Sorority, imploring the aid of the divine providence, determined to an organization to foster unity, solidarity, brotherhood and sisterhood; social relationship and cooperative endeavor among the students and youth throughout the country and world; to establish an organization; to uphold the principles and practice of equality, liberty, honesty, peace, unity, justice, love and integrity: by promoting general welfare and academic goals through active participation of school activities; and to conserve and develop our commitment and service to the community; and secure to ourselves and to our posterity the blessings of independent, democratic and honor organization have resolve to combined our efforts to accomplish this end.





The Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma entracing its supremacy in the City of Golden Friendship-Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines - Omicron Supreme Council ( on January 15, 1992. Wherein, seven students (5 gentlemen and 2 ladies) gallantries bond themselves for a common interest of serving humanity, thus, conceptualization of Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma International Collegiate Service Fraternity & Sorority begun. 

The Historical Existence of Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma embarks upon the three keystone educational institution (MPSC-MSU-COC) as a folded family.

The Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma began its foothold at the Mindanao Polytechnic State College as majority of its founders obtain their degree courses in that campus. Consequently the Mindanao Polytechnic State College (serve as Mother Chapter - Omicron Supreme Alpha Chapter) had longed before aver its pillar in the existence of Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma. With its historical expansion, Mindanao State University-Marawi City (the melting pot of the south, serve as the Father Chapter – Mu Xi Chapter) has had an elements of underpinning the Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma from its supremacy, so as the Cagayan de Oro College (now COC-PEN as the daughter chapter – Omicron Supreme Beta Chapter). With its three keystone, so as the beginning of Betaupsian Era in humanity.

The First Chartered Campus Chapter was Liceo de Cagayan College – Omicron Supreme Gamma Chapter (now Liceo de Cagayan University)in 1995 and followed by Lourdes College – Omicron Supreme Delta Chapter in 1996 and then in 1997, Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan – Omicron Supreme Epsilon Chapter together with Cagayan Capitol College (now, Capitol University) – Omicron Supreme Zeta Chapter. The recruitment of membership and expansions of Grand Councils / Campus Council are unstoppable that during such time, it was subsist and survive through the far side of Cagayan de Oro City. The First Grand Council chartered was the Omicron Beta Council in Malaybalay City, Province of Bukidnon in the year 2001 in the campus of Bukidnon State College (now, Bukidnon State University) – Omicron Beta Alpha Chapter, followed by Omicron Gamma Council Valencia City, campus of Central Mindanao University – Omicron Gamma Alpha Chapter. Now, and onward, the Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma has encountered the brisk expansion all over the Philippine Archipelago.

On the first quarter of 2004, the Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma Alumni have opened gateway of its Alumni members for a lawful and justifiable recognition. The Betaupsian Supreme Houses of Alumni had successfully leaped its first rituals of the Legitimate Alumni members to the Supreme House of the Elite at the City of Cagayan de Oro.

In 2005, Betaupsian International had recognized and chartered due to the demand of legitimate members who migrated and worked overseas. Betaupsian International had its First International Council in Bangkok, Thailand – Rho Alpha Council, followed by Rho Beta Council in Ultimo College - Sydney, Australia and then the Rho Gamma Council in Essex County College - New Jersey, USA. Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma reached, as far as, Europe and various places in Asia.

In attempting to serve Humanity with unambiguous to the youth, the Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma reconstructs an ORDER. To directly pierce the secondary students in the existence on their right to participate in social and national involvement without prejudice to their education and status. Thus in 1997 the Order of the Royal Basilisks – Basiliskos Society (  was created (Junior level).

In its early peak, the Betaupsian Supreme Council recognizes its augmentation in the locality hence, the Cluster Service have evolved. Cluster Service was then design, to strengthen and boost the allegiance of the members in and outside the chartered Campus Council. Cluster service had created, so as to have a direct involvement and participation of the Betaupsian and Basiliskan members (Youths and Students) in the community activities and events.

On the mid-year of 2005, with unbounded dedication of the then Betaupsian Supreme Council Officers and its Pioneering members, the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) Registration was processes and it was on January 31st of the following year that the SEC registration (Certificate of Incorporation) approved, with the COMPANY REG. NO. CN20062242.

It was through the valuable contribution, dedication, loyalty and exceptional skills of the webmaster that Betaupsian and Basiliskan can have link up to the four corners of the world through its Website. The Betaupsian site ( is the most if not the frequent visited fraternity and sorority site in the net today.

The Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma is a sanctuary of young and well breed’s potential leaders of our society and future catalyst in the transformation of our political, social, cultural and economics aspects. The Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma is the lone four Greek letters fraternity who unswervingly survives in the new era and consistently proliferates in humanity, so as to attain its universal goals and objectives.

Even before, the Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma and Order of the Royal Basilisk had dominated and rein its sovereignty in entire City of Cagayan de Oro and if united, no one can take the bondage from the Mother City. In the mind and soul of every Betaupsian and Basiliskan, the outcry for supremacy is intense and conquering the four corners of the world will always be at hand.

The Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma remains in their tenets and unique traditions, exclusive rights and vows of secrecy had longed been conserve and protected. In the present, the Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma and Order of the Royal Basilisk are zealously and impassioned to be the SUPREME among other fraternity in the world.



The Mother Council of Beta Sigma Upsilon Sigma is located in Cagayan de Oro City and it is known as the Omicron Supreme Council.


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